LOOMES, George(84)

was born on the 23rd March 1873, in the village of Fleckney, Leicestershire. His father George occupation is Waggoner.

George Loomes (23) and Maria Annie Nutter(85) (23) got married at the parish church in the parish of St Barnados, Leicester on the 20th February 1897.
At the time of their marriage George is residing at 4 Perry Street, Leicester and Maria is residing at 2 Belvoir Villas, Uppingham Road, Leicester.

George’s Profession is Warehouse Man.
The occupation of George’s father George Loomes is Carter, Maria’s father James William Henry Nutter is a Railway Collector.
Down as witnesses are James William Henry Nutter and Walter Archer.

In 1898 George was summoned for cruelty to a gelding he was working to pull his cart, click here to see the article that appeared in the LEICESTER DAILY POST on Saturday November 5


1.    Annie Mildred(86) was born in 1897 (Leicester 7a 269)  

2.    George Henry(87) was born on the 23rd October 1899

In the 1901 census George (28), Maria (27), Mildred A (3), and George H (1) are living at 76 Biddulph Street, Leicester.
Maria is down as being born Leeds, Yorkshire, the children are both down as being born in Leicester, Leicestershire.
George’s occupation is Coal Dealer and Carter.


 3.    Frank(88) was born in 1901 (Leicester 7a 266)  

 4.    Albert Victor(89) was born in 1903 (Leicester 7a 272)  

 5.    Beatrice(90) was born in 1906 (Leicester 7a 223)  

 6.    Lucy(91) was born in 1908 (Leicester 7a 262)  

In the 1911 census George (38) and Maria (37) along with five children, Mildred Annie (13), George Henry (11), Frank (9), Albert Victor (7) and Beatrice (4) are living at 35 Myrtle Road, Leicester.
All the children are down as being born in Leicester.

George’s occupation is Coal Dealer and Carter.

Lucy (3) does not appear on this census, but is on the census for 4 Houghton Street, Leicester which was the home of her grandfather James W H Nutter. Also living with James are his two daughters Beatrice and Alice, both unmarried.
James occupation is Retired Railway Clerk, Beatrice is Housekeeper and Alice is Fitter Shoe Trade.


7.    Kenneth(92) was born in 1912 (Leicester 7a 460)  

8.    James W(93) was born in 1915 (Leicester 7a 441)  

George died on 26th December 1960 aged 87.

I came across Maria A Loomes in the Death Register who died in 1953 aged 79 (Sept Leicester 3a 456).

What Happened to

1.    Annie Mildred...............married John Molyneux in 1924 (Leicester 7a 525)  

2.    George Henry.................. See CHAPTER SEVEN.

3.    Frank...............married Ellen Price in 1926 (Leicester 7a 535)  

4.    Albert............... married Lilian Hill in 1929 (Leicester 7a 622)  

5.    Beatrice............... married Horace Randle in 1925 (Leicester 7a 758)  

6.    Lucy............... married Frank D Spencer in 1935 (Leicester 7a 937)  

7.    Kenneth............... married Mary Mckay in 1937 (Leicester 7a 1015)  

8.    James W............... married Lilian Payne in 1941 (Leicester 7a 508)

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