The BUTLER Family Link

Joseph Butler married Ann Weston on 23rd September 1796 at St. Michael’s Chapel, Blaston, Leicestershire.

They had five children (could of been more but records in records office only go up to 1812.) all baptised I believe at St. Michaels Chapel.


1.    Elizabeth was baptised on March 27th 1797

2.    Robert was baptised on August 4th 1799

3.    William was baptised on May 15th 1802

4.    George was baptised on November 22nd 1807

5.    Joseph was baptised on May 2nd 1812

Apart from William the only other child of Joseph and Ann that I have find more information on is Robert. In the 1841 census Robert (40*) is married to Elizabeth (35) and they have six children living with them. Their address is given as Blaston St. Michael, Blaston.

*Robert’s year of birth is given as 1801?

I came across a Robert Butler who died in 1853 in the district of Uppingham.

In 1823 on the 26th May, William married Frances Stafford in Rushton, Northants.

Children of William and Frances

1.    George was born around 1824

2.    Mary was born around  1828

3.    Eliza was born around 1829

4.    Keziah was born around  1834

5.    Caroline was born around  1836

6.    Emma was born around 1837

7.    Charlotte was born around 1839

I came across a William Butler in the Death Register who died in 1840 , in the district of Uppingham (Dec 15 504).

In the 1841 census Frances (40) is living in Horninghold, Leicestershire.
Living with her are her five daughters Mary (13), Eliza (12), Keziah (7), Caroline (5), Emma (3) and Charlotto (1). All the girls are registered as being born in Leicestershire.

In the 1851 census Frances (51) is still living in Horninghold, Leicestershire.
Living with her are her daughters Caroline (16), Emma (13) and Charlotte (11).

Frances is registered as being born in Rushton, Northamptonshire , Caroline in Blaston, Leicestershire and Emma and Charlotte in Horninghold, Leicestershire.
Frances year of birth is given as 1800
The three daughters are down for the same occupation which is Lace Runner.

I could not find Kezia in the 1851 census.

Kezia Butler married James Willars in the parish church in the parish of Markfield on 19th February 1856.

In the 1861 census Frances (62) has moved and her address is given as East Gate, Hallaton, Rutlandshire.
Living with her is her daughter Caroline (26) and two grand children, William (6) and Emma (4). I am presuming the children are Caroline’s?
The two grand children are down as being born in Horninghold, Leicestershire.
Under occupation Frances is down as *Pauper and Caroline as Charwomen.

*Find two answers on what makes a person back then classed as a pauper (from

1.    A pauper is a recipient of relief under the provisions of the Poor Law or of public charity, or a person having no property or means of livelihood; a person dependent on the charity of others.

2.    As long as she had no means of support and relied on others (whether the public purse or family) she is registered as a pauper.

I came across a Frances Butler in the Death Register who died aged 69 in 1869, in the district of Uppingham (Mar 7a 189).

In 1872 Caroline married Mason Maydwell Bennett in the district of Leicester (Sep. 7a 276).
I came across Caroline (44) and Mason (35) in the 1881 census, they are living Nr the church in Hallaton, Leicestershire, Mason is down as being born in this village.

Mason’s occupation is Carpenter.

Mason died in 1908 aged 62 in the district of Uppingham (Dec 7a 207).

I came across a Caroline Bennett in the Death Register who died aged 77 in 1912, in the district of Uppingham (Dec 7a 378).

I can’t be certain what happened to William’s and Frances other children.