The Carne Family Link


Frederick Skinner Carne was born in around 1876 in St Columb, Cornwall his father’s name was Samuel Skinner Carne, Mother’s name unknown.

In the 1891 census Frederick (16) is living at Paul, Tresvenack, Cornwall.
His relationship to the head of the household, James H Hosking  is down as a Servant.

James Hosking (38) is married to Mary (38) and they have 5 children, Henry (12), Millicent (7), Jane (6), Augustus (10 months) and Edwin (2).
James’ occupation is down as a Farmer and Fred is a Farm Labourer.
James and Mary are down as being born in St Buryan, Cornwall, while all the children are down as being born 
in Paul, Cornwall, and Fred was born in St Columb, Cornwall.

1901 census see ‘true or false’ below

In the 1911 census Fred (35) is living at 26 Wern Crescent, Nelson, Glamorganshire. His relationship to the head of the household, John Haskell  is down as a boarder.
John Haskell (38) is married to Alice (33) and they have 4 children, Henry John (8), Reginald (6), Arthur (5) and Alfred (3).
John’s occupation is down as a Platelayer on Railway and Fred is a Stonemason.
John is down as being born in Bradford on Avon, Wilts, Alice and all the children are down as being born in Bath, Somerset and Fred was born in St Columb, Cornwall.

Frederick Skinner Carne (37) married Sarah Weech (24) on the 29th July 1912 at the Register Office in the District of Bedwellty, Monmouthshire.
At the time of their marriage Frederick’s residence is down as 4 New Road, Argoed and Sarah’s is down as 
45 Rhyd Terrace, Tredegar. (Same address she is living at in the 1911 census).

Frederick’s occupation is down as a Stone Mason Journeyman, his father, Samuel Skinner Carne is down 
as a Stone Quarry Man and Sarah’s father, Joseph Weech, who is down as deceased, had been a night Watchman.
Witnesses are Elsie Maud Moon, Sarah’s niece and Emma Louisa Morgan who I think may have been 
related to John Moon, Sarah’s brother-in-law.

Frederick’s surname was spelt incorrectly on the wedding certificate, spelt Cairn instead of Carne. This also meant it was wrongly spelt in the Civil Registration Marriage Index for England and Wales.  

Children of Frederick and Sarah

1.  Elsie Maud…….born on the 15th of August 1912 at 12 Pochin Crescent, Tredegar. Frederick’s occupation is down as Stone Dresser.

2.  Frederick Skinner…….born on the 9th July 1914.

3.  Edith Caroline…….born on the 28th February 1920.

Frederick died in 1921 aged 42* (Bedwellty Jun. 11a 118). *His age does not tally up with his birth year of 1876?

Taken from the England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966

Sarah died in 1940 aged 52 (Bedwellty Mar. 11a 238).

What happened to the children of Frederick and Sarah

1.  Elsie Maud…….married Bernard Dupree on the 26th December 1933, they had three children, Sheila 
born in 1935, Edith born in 1937 and Bernard born in 1939. Bernard died in 1945 and Elsie remarried in 1958 to William Inness. Elsie died in 1976.   

2.  Frederick Skinner…….married Matilda J McClarey in 1940 (Hendon Dec. 3a 2365), they had one son Dennis F born in 1944. Frederick and Matilda later divorced.
Frederick married Ada S M Slade in 1956 (Weymouth Apr. 6a 1346).
Frederick died in 1986.

3.  Edith Caroline…….married Stanley E Cork in 1938 (Barnet Sep. 3a 2559), they had three children, Geoffrey born in 1941, Gillian born in 1942 and Margaret born in 1943.                                 
died in 1988 and Edith died in 1990.

‘True or False’

I did find a Frederick Carne (using his age of on his marriage certificate) three times on the census’ between 18811911, and while I believe the 1891 and 1911 census in which he appears in is the Frederick Carne who marries Sarah A Weech in 1912 I can’t be 100% that the Frederick Carne in the 1901 census is the same person. The reason for this is that if it is the same Frederick Carne, then when he married Sarah Weech it is possible that he was already married!

In the 1901 Census the Frederick Carne I came across is married to Wilmot Ellen (25) and is living with mother in-law at 6 St Michael’s Street. Penzance, Cornwall. They have a daughter Wilhelmina Freda Mary 
(2 months). His mother in-law, who is down as married is Mary Jane Thomas (58). The 2 things that link this Frederick with the ones in the 1891 and 1911 census is that he too were born in St Columb, Cornwall and 
his occupation of Stone Cutter matches closely to the occupation of the Frederick in the 1911 Census.

In the 1911 census Wilmot Ellen (35) and her daughter, Wilhelmina Freda Mary (10) are still living with her parents, Joseph Martyns (67) and Mary Jane (67) at 37 Catherine Street, Devonport, Devon. Also living with them is Wilmot’s sister Elizabeth Jane (45) and 10 lodgers, all sailors. Wilmot is down as married but Frederick’s name is not recorded.

Had Frederick gone to find work elsewhere? Had they separated? Was the reason Frederick’s surname was written down differently on the marriage certificate was because he was already married? All was there just 2 Frederick Carne’s born in St Columb at around the same time?