Thomas Loomes

(1699 - 1785)

This is the Last Will and Testament of Thomas Loomes the Elder of Husbands Bosworth in the County of Leicester Farmer and Grazier being of a sound disposing mind, memory and understanding (Praise Almighty God for the same and considering the frailty of human life and uncertainty of the same hereby make Publish and declare this to be my last Will and Testament in manner and form following.
First I give to my son Thomas Loomes one Guinea also I give my daughter Mary now the wife of Charles Knight, one guinea, they my said son and daughter being provided for.  And also my will and desire is  that son Randle Loomes shall rent and profit and enjoy all the Farmhouse,  Home close and Orchard Yard Garden and territories and also all those closes of pasture Ground which I now rent of 
the Honourable Lord Spencer And also this my Will and desire further is that my son Henry Loomes immediately after my decease shall enter upon,rent and profit and enjoy all that  parcel of land which I 
now rent of the Rev’d Mr. Rogers and also this is my will and desire is that my son Randle Loomes 
and my said son Henry Loomes shall be joint partners and of all that land lying and being in the 
Lordship or Liberties of North Kilworth which I now rent of the Rev’d Mr Belgrave.  Also I give 
and bequeath all my horses, mares, colts, fouls, cows or cow kinds of what sort soever and also all those my sheep and lambs and all my wagons, carts and all other my implements and materials of husbandry whatsoever and 
all my grain and stack of hay and all those my household goods and all implements  and material for housekeeping chattels, ready money and personal estate whatsoever and wheresoever and this my Will is that as soon as conveniently may be after my decease a true account may be taken of my aforesaid  
personal estate and effects and that the same may be valued and paired into three equal parts, two parts thereof  I give unto my said son Randle Loomes and the other third part I give unto my said son Henry Loomes. 
I give to my said son Henry Loomes Ten pounds of Lawful British Money over and above his third 
part of the said personal estate and this my will further is that in case it shall happen that if either of my said sons Randle Loomes or Henry Loomes shall depart this life being single and unmarried that he so dying shall not make any summittation or appointment to any person or persons by any Deed  or Will writing or Wills of his real and personal estate than to his surviving brother and that the surviving 
brother shall be an administrator of the real and person effects he so dying shall be profited of at the time 
of his decease.  This lastly I do hereby make, nominate, constitute and appoint my said son 
Randle Loomes my sole executor of this my last Will therefore revoking all former Wills by me at any time heretofore declaring to be my last in testimony whereof  I the said Thomas Loomes, the Testator have 
to this my last Will set and put my hand and seal this Seventeenth Day of November in the year of our Lord One thousand and Seven Hundred and Eighty One.