LOOMES, Thomas(1) 

Thomas was born in 1699 on August 20th to Thomas and Alice Loomes, (Thomas and Alice Pabody got married in North Kilworth in 1698.

Thomas married Mary Dowse(2) in North Kilworth on the 6th April 1724 

I believe they had seven children:- 

1.    Thomas(3) christened April 26th 1731

2.    Thomas(4) christened November 5th 1732

3.    John(5) christened July 21st 1734

4.    Randel(6) christened November 27th 1736

5.    John(7) christened February 14th 1737

6.    Henry(8) I know is the son of Thomas and Mary due to the fact that he is mentioned in his father’s will, yet I can’t find any record of Henry being christened. I am guessing he was born around 1739 as there is a recording in the parish records of a Henry being buried in 1796 aged 57.

7.    Mary Dowse(9) christened February 19th 1740

Thomas...........died in 1785 and was buried on April 19th. In his Last Will & Testament, written in 1781, Thomas mentions his son’s Thomas, Henry and Randel and his daughter Mary.

Mary...........died in 1757 and was buried on October 26th.

What happened to........?

1.    Thomas...........died in 1731 and was buried on 1st January 1732

2.    Thomas...........See CHAPTER 2

3.    John...........died in 1734 and was buried on 28th July

4.    Randel...........married Frances Brown(10) (widow) at All Saints Church, Husbands Bosworth on 9th December 1787. Witnesses are down as William Jackson and Wm Moore. In 1788 they have a son Thomas(11) who was born/baptised on March 23rd; I believe Thomas died at a young age as when his father wrote his Last Will & Testament in 1801 there is no mention of Thomas who would have been around 13. 
Frances died in 1801 and was buried on
September the 9th. Randel died in 1805 and was buried on February the 11th.

5.    John...........died in 1738 and was buried on 21st February

6.    Henry........... I could not find any information on whether he got married or not. Henry was a witness 
at his sister’s (Mary) wedding. He died in 1796 and
was buried on November the 3rd

7.    Mary Dowse...........married Charles Knight (of the Parish of North Kilworth) at All Saints Church, Husbands Bosworth on 5th November 1764. Witnesses are down as Henry Loomes and Thomas Loomes.

I am not sure how many children Charles and Mary had, but when I was searching on Familysearch.org, I came across three children born to Charles and Mary Knight who were all baptised at North Kilworth church, the village I believe Charles and Mary Lived.

Children of Charles and Mary:-

1.    Mary christened February 4th 1768

2.    Elizabeth christened April 2nd 1775

3.    Anne christened December 2nd 1780

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